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Indian Pharmacopoeia 2018 (4 Vols Set. with DVD)

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Indian Pharmacopoeia 2018 (4 Vols Set. with DVD)

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New Monographs : 220
Revisions: 366
Omissions: 07
170 New Chemical Monographs:
49 API
64 Formulations
53 Fixed Dose Formulations
02 Excipients
02 Antibiotics
15 New Herbs and Herbal Products Monographs
03 New Radiopharmaceutical Monographs
14 New Veterinary Non-Biological Monographs
18 New Biological Monographs :
02 Vaccines & Immunosera for Human Use
06 Biotechnology Derived Therapeutic Products
10 Blood and Blood Related Products
Standards for New Drugs, Drugs under National Health Programme & Drugs in National List of Essential Medicines have been included
For ease of access and to make Pharmacopoeia more user friendly index has been incorporated in Volume 1 along with that already existing in Volume IV of IP
IP 2018 has been incorporated with a security feature to prevent violation of copyright
INDIAN PHARMACOPOEIA 2018, 8th Edition (4 Volumes with DVD). Salient Features of IP-2018: Keeping in view the essential requirement for harmonization of analytical methods with those accepted internationally, steps have been taken for monitoring drug standards. - General Chemical tests & Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) for identification of an article have been almost eliminated and more specific infrared, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and HPLC tests have been given emphasis. The concept of relying on published infrared spectra as a basis for identification has been continued. - The use of chromatographic methods has been greatly extended to cope with the need for more specificity in assays and in particular, in assessing the nature and extent of impurities in ingredients and products. - Most of the existing Assays and Related Substances Test methods are upgraded by liquid chromatographic in view to harmonize with other International Pharmacopoeia. - Pyrogen test have been replaced by Bacterial Endotoxin test (BET) in parenteral preparations and other monographs. - For ease of access to make Pharmacopoeia more user friendly, Index has been incorporated in Volume-I along with that already existing in Volume-IV of IP. - 53 New Fixed Dose Combination (FDC’s) combination monographs have been included, out of which 25 FDC monographs are not available in any Pharmacopoeia. - General Chapters on Volumetric Glassware, Conductivity, Dissolution test, Disintegration test, Dimensions of Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells etc. have been revised. - For Controlling the Microbial quality of all the medicinal product general chapter on Maintenance, Identification, Preservation and Disposal of Microorganism have been revised.

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Indian Pharmacopoeia 2018 (4 Vol Set. with DVD) 
by Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission
Edition: 8th edition 2018
Publication date: January 2018
Format: Hardcover, 4 Volumes Set., with DVD
Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.6 x 6.8 inches
Language: English
ISBN: 9381238197
ISBN: 9789381238196
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